This is the Wurlitzer Peacock Model 850, one of Wurlitzer's best-loved and best-selling models of all time. First on the market in 1941, the original Peacock Model 850 signaled a new era in jukebox aesthetics. With marbelized plastic and color animation, the Peacock became an instant classic, raising the bar for every model that came after. Today you can relive yesteryear with the Wurlitzer Peacock Model 850 Replica featuring all of the details from the original model accompanied with modern expectations the superb laser sound quality provides. Filled with 100 of your best cds, enjoy this timeless classic in your home for only $13,995.00.


Sun Fun is one of a few companies in central Florida that not only sells new and used vinyl and cd jukeboxes, but also is in a position to maintain and repair them in our fully guaranteed service department. This can add a comfort factor to anybody buying a jukebox from us. All prices quoted INCLUDE DELIVERY AND SET UP IN YOUR HOME!




 The Wurlitzer One More Time CD Jukebox is available in classic wood, sexy slick black onyx, edgy red, or white gloss pictured below.


  Styled after the classic Wurlitzer 1015 from 1946, the Wurlitzer One More Time CD Jukebox recreates this classic with incredible integrity, especially by offering 4 awesome versions of it. It also features a 100 CD capacity, 6 speakers and commercial grade quality sound. With features like background music programming in two intervals for each weekday, a stereo amplifier with automatic level control and electronic overload protection, a play stimulator playing a record in intervals between 1 and 99 minutes automatically, the facility to cancel single tracks, connections for a microphone, additional amplifier, external speakers and output transformer, and an optional infrared remote control kit, this nostalgic jukebox will always be the optical and acoustical eye catcher. Chrome and glitter, rotating light columns with magically changing colours. A fascinating spectacle of light and sound. That is the Wurlitzer One More Time CD jukebox, available for only $7995.00 delivered and set up!




 This is the Rowe CD 100-C, most probably the most successful of the CD 100 series. This is a commercial CD jukebox that holds and plays 100 CDs and has had its CD player upgraded. Extension speakers can be added and an infrared remote kit can also be added as an optional extra. This CD jukebox is available for only $2495.00 delivered and set up!




 This is the Rowe Laserstar Diamante 100 CD-E. This is a commercial CD jukebox that holds and plays 100 CDs. It is packed with popular features, user friendly controls, and an eye catching design. It has a 250 watt per channel amplifier and has castors for easy moving. This jukebox sells for only $2995.00 delivered and set up!




 We invite you to visit our showroom to see these spectacular jukeboxes in action! They will add a unique and fun dimension for any home!